Hello! We're Rebooting our Website, but We're Working as Fast as we can to Bring You the Styles, Fashion, and Service You Love, and have Come to Expect from our 28 Years of Delivering Quality, Imported Women's Shoes out of Downtown LA's Fashion District.

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Welcome!  Our commitment to excellent customer service is etched into the very fabric of our existence.  From the days of neon leg warmers to today’s sleek stilettos, we’ve adorned the feet of generations with passion and flair.

Two Ways to Shop:

Online Bliss: Explore our curated collection from the comfort of your couch. Click, order, and let the shoe fairy deliver!

Any questions, Email us:  Email Cindy's Shoes

In-Store Magic: Step into our charming brick-and-mortar boutique. Feel the textures, try the fits, and let our friendly staff pamper you.

Downtown Los Angeles Store

210 East Olympic Boulevard #107

Los Angeles, CA 90015

United States


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